Tailor your Conscious Business - Mentor Journeys and Sessions

Is your business affected by the lockdowns?

Do you want to use these crazy times to do something else for a living?

Or do you want to tweak the way you do business to fit the times we are in?

Do you dream of bringing your business online?

Do you long to;

  • Write and publish a bestseller book?
  • Start a successful podcast?
  • Have a cool online store?
  • Have a monetizing blog?
  • Do awesome online courses?
  • Have a thriving membership site?
  • Coach, mentor, treat clients online?


Basically, tailor your business to your wants and passions?

Where you can decide when to work, how to work and with whom?


Sounds too good to be true?


We have a decade of experience each, in all of these ways of working online. We failed, succeeded and became more and more clear of how our dream lives and lines of work look like. We now live a life most people call impossible.


Time has come for us to support you on this journey to your dream life as well.


Our tailored mentor programs are here to help you create your impossible dream life – no matter if it is to write a book, podcast, or sell products – or all of it.




We now take on 5 new clients to support on a lifechanging journey to live the impossible with an online business – perfect just for you….


Is this make your heart beat faster, please book a complimentary 45 min meeting at: to see if we are a good match.


We all have things that hold us back from a life we love where we thrive.

It might be technical skills (how do you start a blog/podcast/membership site etc.).

It might be emotional blocks (I´m not good enough, who am I too…, what do I want to do).

It might be karmic or old trauma things (I got burnt on the stake when I spoke up).

It might be many things – and you might not even know what holds you back.


Either way, we are here to assist.

If you need help;

Everything from a few minor tweaks to uplevel your business, add something new or bring your physical business online.

To the whole extreme package journey from not even know what you want, to  a thriving online business.

And all levels in between….

We can help you!

Quantum Genius Mastery Bootcamp

This is for you if your main challenges are inner limiting beliefs that hold you back from living your full potential, it seems like life and/or business is hit by different issues all the time and/or feel stuck and have outgrown your business model so it is out of harmony with who you are becoming.

This bootcamp is tailored for you to reactivate your unique superpowers and integrate them into your business and everyday life, so you can stand in your own truth and dare to be part of a new generation of legendary, world changing quantum genius leaders who walk their talk in every part of life.

What you get:

  • 9 private cutting-edge Quantum sessions a´75 min. with Oliver and/or Susana 
  • Questionnaire Analysis to identify disharmony and imbalances
  • Tailored timing and program for your most expansive experience
  • Envisioning a tailored genius biz model and Empire Implementation Plan and a Legendary Genius Brand
  • Intuitive Galactic Channelling & Readings
  • Specific problem solving
  • Unlimited Guidance through e-mail & chats on Telegram
  • Have a Safe space to speak your truth and expand further, with those who understand all your ´weirdness´ and multidimensional reality stuff
  • Daily remote Energy Work, Clearings & Reactivations
  • Practical & Personalized Tool kit Creation
  • Personality tests and profiles
  • Emotional support
  • Accountability Partners
  • Live group Mastery calls


  1. Clear & Transform Shadows and old Beliefs
  2. Upshift & Reactivate Unique Genius Codes
  3. Embody, Rebuild & Implement your Impossible Biz & Life

Step 1

Download & Answer the Quantum Clarity Workbook


Step 2

Book your Discovery Call & Email info about your main challenges


Step 3

Co-create your Tailored Genius Mastery Bootcamp with us


Step 4

Release your Unique Genius & Implement your Impossible Life

Quantum Genius Mastery Session

  • 1 private cutting-edge Quantum session a´75 min. with Oliver and/or Tora
  • Quantum Clarity Workbook Analysis to identify disharmony and imbalances
  • Intuitive Galactic Channelling & Reading
  • Specific problem solving
  • A Safe space to speak your truth and expand further, with those who understand all your ´weirdness´ and multidimensional reality stuff
  • Energy Work, Clearings & Genius Code Reactivation

Quantum Genius Biz Mastermind Member

  • Year long Intensive Biz Bootcamp
  • Small Mastermind group (max. 8)
  • Online meetings every forthnight
  • Quantum Clarity Workbook Analysis
  • Intuitive Galactic Channellings & Readings
  • A Safe space to speak your truth and expand further, with those who understand all your ´weirdness´ and multidimensional reality stuff
  • Energy Work, Clearings & Genius Code Reactivations
  • Practical & Personalized Tool kit
  • Emotional support
  • Accountability Partners
  • Live group Mastery calls 

VIB Live Experience


  • Private visit to your biz and/or home to envision unique genius biz models and empires together
  • Group Quantum sessions & workshops with family/co-workers/employees etc.
  • Live Quantum Sessions
  • Tailored timing, content and price
  • We come, we deliver and conquer the impossible life with you and for you


We specialize in supporting a new generation of conscious geniuses beings—who want to make a difference in the world—to overcome their limitations and fears and stand in their full power.

We cannot change your life for you, but what we can do is to mentor, counsel, guide, support and cheer you on when YOU take the quantum leaps to live as the unique genius you are to make your passionate dreams come true.

These are no ordinary sessions and bootcamps, as we work with Quantum fields, Multidimensional Realities and Energy Alchemy.

But we also bring in a balance of down to earth, specific, practical tools based on scientific research and own experiences.

Together we find genius hands-on solutions for your specific business challenges, which can be implemented immediately.

We also envision a unique and genius biz empire plan that fits with your overall passions, mission and new reality lifestyle.

 The unique amplified field we co-create together reactivates upshifts in consciousness and is often experienced as magical and truly transformational. 

Whatever we are able to envision we are able to bring into practical manifestation – it is that easy – and that difficult.

We mentor and facilitate your growth for quantum leaps in a safe space with ultra high-level integrity and confidentiality.

Sessions and bootcamp can be held in Swedish, Danish or English.

We only work with max 6 private clients at the time, and have only one Mastermind running, in order to give you a royal treatment and attention.

But, it takes courage to dive into this type of work, as your life will never be the same.

It takes commitment, willingness and determination to step out of your comfort zone, embrace your greatest fears and limitations to transform them into your greatest gifts and superpowers.

Your unique genius demands your highest integrity and intuitive action taking.

Everything that does not serve you has to go and that takes courage.

You have to honour and take radical responsibility for your life, your reality and your choices.

We are not here to please you in status quo and allow you to continue doing what you always have done.

We are here to shatter your illusions, reactivate your unique genius and lovingly kick your ass so you can manifest and live the impossible.

So, let us bring you back to your inner genius - remembering your truest nature - so you feel brave, joyful, empowered and free to live your dream of contributing to the world through running a cutting-edge Conscious Business with Prosperous visions and manifestations, Healthy choices, Greener living and Energy mastery.