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Identify what hold you back from Living your ‘Impossible’ Dream Life

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!


Time has come to merge and align your personal life with your biz life – so you can live your impossible dream life…


Do you experience that you:

  • Are expanding who you are and seeking clarity of who this new upgraded version is and how to live in that new reality?
  • Feel stuck and have outgrown your business model so it is out of harmony with who you are becoming?
  • Are alone on the ´top´ as the leader and have no one you can go to and be all of yourself - the good, bad and ugly... ?
  • Are playing small and less than your full potential?
  • Have challenges in business development and innovation?
  • Feel discomfort and uneasiness of not being fulfilled and on purpose?
  • Have work/life imbalances where you work too hard?


Do you want to:

  • Do biz differently – Intuitively, innovatively, consciously, cutting edge, out of the box, and unique – pure genius?
  • Feel that all aspects of life come together – not separated in work, family, travel, health, spirituality etc.?
  • Be part of a new generation of legendary, world changing quantum genius leaders who walk their talk in every part of life?
  • Have a safe space to speak your truth and expand further, with someone who understands all your ´weirdness´ and multidimensional reality stuff?
  • Stand in your own truth and inner power and dare to share it fully with the world?
  • Make greater difference in the world?
  • Work less with more ease and make more money?


Easier said than done, right?


Fact is we cannot change what we are not aware of. The Quantum Clarity Workbook is created as a free tool for you to get more awareness and clarity. It is a contemplation tool for you to tune in and answer necessary questions to get a clearer and more whole and specific picture of what is holding you back in biz and life.




Upshift is defined in Cambridge Dictionary as: “To spend more time working and earning money, or to get a job that is better paid and more difficult or to change to a higher gear when driving, to increase power and speed”.

That is NOT our definition. We speak of; “working less and earning more money with a job that is more easy and joyful or to change to a higher gear in life, to increase inner power and speed with less effort.” Upshifts for us would more be defined as; “Empowering Transformations through Energetic Shifts”.

In this Quantum Clarity Workbook we will walk you through three steps to create clarity of where the disharmony and imbalances are in your life so you can upshift these areas. Or more specifically; have Empowering Transformations in your life…

Clarity Steps:

  1. Willingness
  2. Knowledge
  3. Contemplation

If you then choose to take the fourth step, which in this case is to co-create your Tailored Genius Mastery Bootcamp with us, is totally up to you. At least at this point you can take the first steps…


1.  Willingness


The first vital step in this process is:


A willingness and commitment to do whatever it takes – on all levels – for it to manifest.


  • You have to be willing to walk your talk.
  • You have to be willing and courageous to look honestly at all your fears, beliefs and shadows – and then be open to upshift and change what does not serve you anymore.
  • You have to pledge – yes give a pledge - to your higher self to commit to do whatever it takes so you can live out your genius.

          “I ….. hereby declare”…..


Tune in and find a silent space within you where you can feel your power, visions and excitement about life. From there, let the words come through you as powerfully and clearly as you can. Do not filter. You cannot get it wrong. It is your commitment, your words you will honor. So there is no right or wrong answers or ways to do it. It has to come from your essence. Not anyone else.


Notice how you feel afterwards in your body. You can feel excitement, peace and a determination amongst other things. Remember this experience and where you feel it in your body. You can always go back to that feeling when you doubt or forget who you are and why you are here. If you cant get into the feeling, focus on the body or vice versa.

2.  Information and knowledge


The second step is information and knowledge. Awareness comes with new perspectives. So to be able to answer these questions provided in this workbook more easily, we give you some background information and ideas of where we are coming from and heading with all this. This is our point of view, not ‘THE truth’. We guide you through our Life Intelligence Framework, what it is, why we feel it is important and so on. As knowledge is a great tool to understand where we are on our journey.


You do not have to agree with all the information. That is beyond the point. If you feel triggers or reactions of any kind while reading the texts, please take notes of them for yourself as they are a great pointer for you to dive deeper into. We are not claiming to have ‘the truth’. We speak our truth that supports us at this time. Truth changes with our expansion and perspective. The important aspect is to notice our resistance to some ideas, as resistance and objections is a belief we hold that can be something holding us back. If you read something and say:


Naaaaa, that is not my truth, as I believe…..”

If it is without being triggered or getting emotional and you feel all relaxed and expanded, then it is all good. Go with it.

To go deeper ask yourself: “But, what if it is true, how would my life look like if I believed that?”


You can choose to explore the new idea if it fits you or not. One way we use it in our everyday life is that if we believe something is true, and we hear something that feel better, we choose the words that makes us feel better and toss the old belief.


So to sum it up: You choose what to believe. Our suggestion is to choose the belief that makes you feel better and more expansive as you are the creator of your reality.

3.  Contemplation


The third step here in this context is Contemplation. Some of the questions in this workbook are to write down pure facts and don’t require contemplation. They are there to paint the whole picture. Some questions are for you to measure on a scale from 0 to 10, 0 being never/non and 10 always/all (write down the first number that comes to mind – do not overthink the answer) But many of the questions go much deeper than facts and need a different approach.

Contemplation is the balance between concentration/reflection (effort) and meditation (no effort) to bring about an increased awareness and clarity. It is a time where you sit in silence and tune into the subconscious and allow answers to come to you, through the stillness. We do not try to come up with answers, we ask the question and wait for the answers to come into our conscious mind.

Contemplation also allows you to absorb, digest, integrate and embody what is true for you and how to use this knowledge effectively in your everyday life. It is a way of examining your life at a conscious level. Therefore it is important not to filter it if the answer we get is not “good enough”. Stay honest.


The deeper you go into the questions we provide and the more specific you are, the more you will get out of it. You want to peel the onion and ask yourself these questions from the most authentic, raw, pure and honest space. Beyond the stories. From your beingness.


Often we understand something mentally, then we emotionally feel it and finally we embody it on a physical level - in our DNA - and we live the truth of it. Consciously creating our new reality.


Ask and you shall receive


Most of us do not ask enough questions for ourselves – and/or have the patience to really listen…

Ask, sit with it – let it go – and allow the answers to come….


Always write down the first thing that comes to mind. Do not overthink it. Your intuition often comes before the ‘thoughts’. You can add more information after. But follow the breadcrumbs of your initial thought first.

To stay true to yourself, ask a question and then listen for the immediate answer – sometimes even before you finish the question. This immediate response is probably your higher self, bypassing the programming of the mind.

At other times you will have to sleep on it or walk with it for days. All is well. Allow the answers to come to you. Receive the answers instead of creating them.

We often get caught trying to make sense of an answer by continuing with: “why am I feeling that?”, or “where does it come from?” – and we make up stories – often external. For instance “it is because my mother did this or that”, or “it is because in a previous life…”, or whatever we come up with that makes sense in that moment. But those are stories – it is not necessarily the truth. Even if it is true, it really doesn’t matter. To say it bluntly, that is our excuse for holding on to the belief. It is our victim consciousness speaking.

Therefore, when these patterns arise – please take notes. This is gold for your upshift process! In other words, write down your excuses, the but´s and because´s, so you can transform them once and for all (which is one of our genius expertise skills at Quantum Biz Wiz – to transform them into your Quantum Genius superpowers, but you can of course do it yourself too! Though, you never go as deep alone!)


Stay honest


It is really important to stay honest with yourself here. No one will judge you, there are no right or wrong answers. It is about becoming conscious of the subconscious. You are taking radical responsibility for your Life Creation here. If you are not completely honest with yourself and diminish some ideas as ‘bad/negative/silly/childish/low vibe’ you cannot upshift it. Be as accurate and truthful as you can in your answers.


You can think of this as a GPS. First you get a picture of where you are at this point in your life and of where you want to go Then you put these markers into your GPS, get into your rocket and take the necessary actions to upshift where you experience imbalances and disharmony. If you paint the ‘today’ picture prettier or more ugly than it is, then you most likely will not know the correct route to take. The necessary turns to take are filtered by the areas where you do not own your truth. Your GPS will be off, and you will arrive at the wrong address…


Life Intelligence



We were born as potential geniuses, but groomed to try to fit into the ‘Matrix’ world. Until we awaken and take responsibility to live life on our own terms. We cut the cords to that limited reality and consciously free ourselves from the old paradigm and co-create a new one. Perhaps it is no wonder then that so many of us feel sick, uneasy and frustrated when stuck in the Matrix. We are unhappy, stressed, depressed and flee from life with alcohol, drugs and/or electronics. We propably think that something is wrong with us until we allow ourselves to see the bigger picture.

Life Intelligence (LI) is our "framework" designed to promote the development of humanity through an understanding of ourselves, each other, and the planet. It is a holistic way of balancing and growing in all areas of life, by creating awareness and using the natural (and artificial) systems we are part of in the form of ten different intelligences (which will be explained later). The goal of life intelligence is to create a guidance system that is adapted to the natural process of development rather than a method of learning. We grew up with a school system designed to support an industrial economy that valued

conformity, compliance, and minimum skill attainment. Passion and curiosity do not fit into this system -  and certainly has no room to speak of releasing your unique genius and excercising freedom.


Life Intelligence is the ability to experience, see and learn about life and the guidance systems around and within us - in a conscious and holistic way.


There are not necessarily right and wrong answers, but a curiosity, playfulness and awareness about different perceptions of all areas of life, how it is connected, how we see things from different perspectives and what would be for the highest good.

By approaching learning and growth through Life Intelligence, we open up to find our own unique potentials and truths, have compassion for others and can experience the interconnection of everything. Then it is easier to live an empowered, meaningful and freer life based on our unique Genius blueprint.

Life Intelligence framework is the base system that can be applied to all aspects of life that supports you in how you can create balance between Body, Mind, Heart & Soul in relation to Time and Space.

Life intelligence (LI) occurs when the whole flower blooms. The ten intelligence petals in the flower help us to see the world and ourselves from different perspectives. Happiness and beauty are created by the growing power of the entire bloom. Our job is to see and experience it - both within ourselves and around us.

When we are aware of all 360 degrees of life, we have an integral-ness or wholeness in our reality. An integral awareness is not about either/or perspective, but rather a both/and thinking. There are a lot of paradoxes in life, and we cannot understand it all with our minds. It is to be aware of all perspectives, at the same time. We can pick one perspective at a time, depending on the situation, it is about not getting stuck in that perspective, but to see it from all angels – from there we can expand our view and reality.

As you move through the ten intelligences over the next few chapters, we would like to encourage you to feel into how you use each intelligence in your personal as well as professional life.

1. Mind Intelligence


Our Genius can be reactivated with a high vibrational mind intelligence by focusing on dreams and visions, reprogramming, using strategies, empowered thinking, knowledge and perspectives.


Mental intelligence and IQ are often defined as "how" in the brain, the logical and rational part. The limited way of using our brain is a big reason why we are not living to our full potential. Mind intelligence is a more holistic and balanced way of using our mind, our mentality, our brain and our thoughts. Instead of saying reality is what we see and think, we challenge that belief and go into an infinite reality where everything can be experienced as real - if we believe it. What if what we can see or think is what we have created as reality? And what if changing our way of seeing and thinking about something will change this truth? Now life becomes much more fun...

The more we expand our perspectives, the more open, conscious and balanced we are in body, mind, heart and soul, the more we reactivate our brain and our DNA. Our brain hemispheres become synchronized and integrated. We use not only the left or right hemisphere, but both, which together create a synergy effect greater than the whole.

In order to change our perspective on things and see them from different angles, we must use our entire mind. A first step to becoming aware can be gaining new knowledge. We cannot change what we are not aware of. By becoming aware of the limitations and blind spots that our mind has, we can expand our perspective.

As leaders, we can use our curiosity, openness and reflection on our own perspectives through questions such as:


"Where did I get that truth about reality from?"

"Why do I believe that?"

"Why do others believe something else?"


It not only opens up our own world and our own deeper truth, but can create more compassion and sympathy for others' views of the world. We do not need to be right or wrong. We need peace and it can be created when we have full respect for each other's view of the world.

When we embrace our Genius, we honor each other's truth and are brave enough to change our perspective on life.


“Whole brained”



Left hemisphere thinking is: Generally more sequential, linear, logical, practical, mathematical, analytical, scientific, objective and time-oriented. This part of the brain finds it easier to find patterns, create safety, be cautious, and is also where written and spoken language is stored. It is also often seen as a masculine way of thinking.

Right hemisphere thinking is: More non-linear, intuitive, abstract, big-picture focused, creative, and space-oriented. This part of the brain is where we experience spirit, music, imagination, art as well as see meaning and the appreciations of life. Also often seen as a feminine way of thinking.

Brain sync: Most people use one hemisphere more than the other, creating an imbalance. We can become “whole brained” when we start to think holistically instead of replaying recurrent and habitual patterns that activate the same pathways. When we synchronize both hemispheres we create something Bruce Lipton calls “Super Learning.” This hemi-sync leads to us using 100% of our brain and creates harmony and peace in our body mind.

When your hemispheres are in sync, your mind can become more awakened, focused, powerful - yet peaceful. By integrating both hemispheres of your brain and allowing them to work in sync, you can experience an increase in overall mental health, enhancing cognitive performance, better memory and intellectual functioning. You can begin to notice a limitless supply of insightful thoughts, with less anger, anxiety, depression, and/or addiction. You can be happier, more optimistic and feel more connected with the world. This is also part of the Sacred Union – the masculine and feminine balance and integration process.

To Contemplate:


  1. What would you say your thoughts are/how would you explain thoughts?
  2. How would you describe your relationship with your thoughts? (e.g. love/hate relationship or something totally different?)
  3. How do you become aware you are going into story and away from the facts?
  4. How do you use Mind Intelligence in your business?
  5. How is that different from how you use it in your personal life?


2. Body Intelligence



Body Intelligence refers to how aware you are of your body (awareness), what you know (knowledge) and what you actually do for and with your body (engagement).”

- Jim Gavin, Ph.D

Our Genius can be reactivated when we have a high vibrational body intelligence, for example, by focusing on honoring our body with physical activity and eating healthy. High body intelligence refers to how conscious we are about our body, what we know and what we actually do for and with our body. It's about learning how to use the body's innate intelligence. To listen to our wisdom.


The body is a living mirror that reflects your mind, your emotions and your soul. The body also remembers everything it has experienced and therefore retains consciousness of the past in the cells, including previous wounds and trauma - hence called cellular memory. By being aware of body signals, abilities and boundaries, you help prevent stress and help your body heal by giving it love and respect. When we honor the body, it is healthy and happy. It's that simple and difficult as that.

When we embrace our Genius, we honor the body and listen to its signals.

Your Cells and DNA



Scientists have come up with the estimated number of 37.2 trillion cells in a human body. Cells come in different sizes, and they grow in different densities, but each cells “job” is to listen and respond. Cells listen to the environment through molecular antennae embedded in the cellular membrane. They interpret the signals and relays the corresponding instructions to the DNA. Within each cell center – there are the double helix shaped DNA strands –.which responds to the signals from the cell membrane and activate the necessary machinery within each cell. The molecular switches in your cells tell the DNA which genes to switch on and off.

DNA is like the captain on a ship. The captain relays on the information from the lookouts (membrane) and then gives the orders to the machinery workers in the engine room (cytoplasm) of the cell.

This means that it is not IF our genes are activated that creates the difference – it is HOW those genes are activated – or expressed. A single gene can be activated in different ways and to different degrees to do different things. This is what creates the difference between humans and for instance a house cat, with which we have a 90% genetic similarity, as explained by Gregg Braden in Human by design.

As a salt, DNA is a natural conductor of electricity that is extremely sensitive to electromagnetic waves. The slightest mood swing, thought, beliefs and general attitude will generate a subtle electromagnetic current throughout your body and stir your DNA into response – literally molding our bodies. Everything in your life – food, people, emotions, environment, thoughts etc. - determines how the DNA is activated via the cellular membrane. That is why we speak of “reactivation” as it is a rewiring of the current connections, not new activations.

DNA attracts photons which spiral along the double helix of your DNA strands. They weave light around themselves. In other words, light unwinds the low frequencies. When your DNA start to absorb the attracted photons (light) coming from the higher frequencies it will trigger your endocrine system to secrete certain hormones such as pinoline, harmine and melatonin, which increase the brain functioning and we experience more uplifting emotions and freedom.


You could say your DNA co-creates your body via your attitude. Attitude (which has different vibrational frequencies) determines the nature of signals to your DNA. For instance, if you feel bad about your body, the frequency is lower than if you feel happy with it. That attitude about your body sends different signals to your DNA – which in turn sends out different signals to the workers measured in electromagnetic currents that attracts and absorbs more or less photons.

That means that we can re-envision and recreate our lives – and only our imagination stand in our way. When we reinforce a thought with an emotion – we send a stronger signal to our cells, and DNA then responds accordingly.


To summarize the complicated connections in a nerdy way (which is so us):

Our attitude towards the environment affects the signals sent to the cell membrane, which then send messages to the DNA, which then send out a response to the cytoplasm and systems. These responses then affect the neurotransmitters and hormonal systems that then affect our behavior. That means that if we want to start to behave differently, we need to change our attitude towards life. Our perspective of life is how we create our reality. And that is the key to live our “impossible” dream life.



To contemplate:




  1. How grounded do you feel  in the body? (On a scale, 0-10)
  2. How do you feel and experience the different organs in the body?
  3. How would you describe your body and its shape? (overweight, underweight, curvy, slim, beautiful, perfect, fat, ugly – all the words that comes up – bring them on).



  1. How do you communicate with your body and know what it want/need?
  2. How often do you feel exhausted, drained and have lack of energy? Scale 0-10
  3. What are the common circumstances when you loose energy? (E.g. too much to do/people/thoughts/work/noise/food/alcohol/sugar/TV/social media etc.? Or not enough food/water/stimulation/people/to do/)




  1. What type of foods do you eat on an average day?
  2. How much of the time do you consider yourself eating consciously? (Consciously here meaning; organic, special diets, present while eating and eat when you are hungry and so on). Scale 0-10
  3. What are your cravings? Why and when do you crave it? Is it for instance a habit, an emotional reaction, or do you really, really want it? When you are stressed, bored etc.?


Drinking water

A healthy body has just the right amount of fluid inside and outside each cell, - called fluid balance. Maintaining your fluid balance is essential to life.

  1. How much water do you drink over a ‘normal’ day?
  2. What type of water do you drink? (bottled, tap etc?)



Sleep is one of the best recharger and healing tools we have. And yet most people do not get enough sleep or struggle to fall asleep. Melatonin is a crucial hormone produced in our pineal gland while we sleep. In a normal night's sleep, our melatonin levels stay elevated for about 12 hours. When our circadian rhythms are disrupted, such as from shift work, jet lag or nighttime light exposure, our bodies produce less melatonin. One of the best ways to increase our melatonin production naturally is to get exposure to bright sunlight during the day and sleep in complete blackness at night.


Melatonin helps us:

  • Heal damaged cells as it is a powerful antioxidant
  • Boost our immune system
  • Recover from the day’s activities
  • Recharge our heart and cardiovascular system for the next day

  1. How many hours of sleep do you get on an average?
  2. How is the quality of your sleep? (Difficult falling asleep, light or heavy sleeper, wake up during the night etc.) How do you feel when you wake up?


Sex and lust

 Sexuality, sensuality and lust have been so distorted over the years and have almost become equivalent with porn and abusive behavior. The #metoo says it all in a way, doesn’t it?


One of the most common reasons why we loose lust and passion is when our bodies are depleted of energy, our desires leaves quickly.


Orgasms (not to be confused with ejaculation) are life force explosions. It is our creative force rushing through our veins. If we are not connected to our sexual powers and desire in a ‘clear and clean’ way, we might struggle with what we manifest as reality.


  1. What is your relationship with sex, lust, desire and your sensuality?
  2. How often do you feel sexy? (scale 0-10)
  3. How do you experience desire for sexual activity? And how often?
  4. How is your sex drive now, compared to when it was at its height?
  5. What are your feelings/blocks/fears/disconnections around sexuality and what do you believe are the reasons? (religious, cultural influences, stress, trauma and abuse, hormonal, relationships etc.)
  6. What are the things you would like to upshift in your sex life?


Physical Exercise


We all know exercising is good for us. But is it always? And what drives us when we exercise? The emotional reasons to your why are a crucial aspect to be aware of. Is it about feeling good when you have energy, feel healthy and strong? Or is it about the external – to look good in front of others, to not feel fat or ugly?

  1. Why do you want to exercise? (look good, feel good, be healthier, loose weight, gain weight, get more energy, burn off some energy etc?)
  2. What type of exercise do you do and how often?


The Nervous system


Polyvagal theory explains three different parts of our nervous system and their responses to stressful situations. It all comes down to how safe we feel. Once we understand those three parts, we can see why and how we react to high amounts of stress – either connection, fight/flight or disconnection mode. It is like we are on the top of the stairs when connected and sometimes we fall into fight/flight and then at the bottom it is disconnection. Sometimes we stay at the bottom for days and even years if we are traumatized.

  • During non-stressful situations, if we are emotionally healthy, our bodies stay in a social engagement state, or a happy, curious, relaxed, peaceful and aligned state. We call it ‘connection’ as you feel connected to self and others. It’s also called ventral vagal response, because that’s the part of the brain activated during connection mode.


  • Flight/Fight - The sympathetic nervous system is our immediate reaction to stress and affects nearly every organ in the body. The sympathetic nervous system causes a “fight or flight” state where the heartbeat spikes, we sweat, and we feel more mobilized. We might feel anxious, afraid, or angry and all our senses are heightened. In fight or flight mode, at some level we believe we can still survive whatever threat we (often unconsciously) think is dangerous.


  • When our sympathetic nervous system has kicked into overdrive, and when we feel we can’t escape and feel impending death the dorsal vagal parasympathetic nervous system takes control. It causes disconnection, freezing or shutdown, as a form of self-preservation. Emotionally, it feels like dissociation, numbness, dizzy, hopelessness, shame, a sense of feeling trapped, out of body, disconnected from the world. We may feel low or no pain, our lungs constrict and we breathe shallowly. We may have difficulty getting words out or feel constriction around our throat.


Our job is to climb the stairs again into a connected state. How can you do that? Even the awareness of situations when you go into the disconnection or fight/flight can upshift your responses. If you feel safe within yourself, you feel safe in the world…You can shake it off like animals do after danger. To get back into your connected state, dance, move, breathe deeply, find your inner calm and alignment.


  1. What is the state you automatically get into when you feel ‘attacked’, triggered, scared?
  2. How much of the time do you rest in your connected mode? Scale 0-10
  3. What external situations trigger your flight/flight, disconnection and connection?


  1. How do you use Body Intelligence in your business
  2. How is that different from how you use it in your personal life?


    3. Emotional Intelligence



    The logic of the emotional mind is associative; it takes elements that symbolize a reality or trigger a memory of it, to be the same as that reality. If the emotional mind follows this logic, things need not necessarily be defined by their objective identity; what matters is how they are perceived.”

    - Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence


    Our Genius can be reactivated with a high emotional intelligence. A high vibrational emotional intelligence is to be in contact with your own emotions, to know what you feel and when you feel it. When we have developed our emotional intelligence we become more conscious and confident, which helps us have great relationships.

    Emotions act as personal guides when we become aware of them and actually listen to what they have to say. They are not speaking “universal truth” about how things are, but they guide us to show us our subconscious beliefs. Most people are not aware that emotions often are based on past experiences.

    Emotions are not neutral; they are compasses that show us what shades of ourselves we need to embrace. The shift in our awakening happens when we honor our emotions as the guides they are instead of insisting they define how reality is. These emotions come from our past, our stories, and we need to honor them. But we don’t have to be ruled by them. Taking back our power comes from embracing and respecting our emotions for the guides they are.

    We don’t feel seen, accepted or loved for who we are, because we are not connected with who we really are. We tend to want to feel happy – all the time. But happiness is not a permanent state. Emotions come and go. All emotions are good - they are there to guide us. It is our resistance to certain emotions that makes them feel bad.

    Anger and rage, for example, often occur because we suppress our passion, we then feel powerless and do not live the life we ​​dreamed of. When we take small steps toward living out our passion, or coming into contact with our passion again, we are not only in our power, but we stop projecting our anger on the outside world. We can let others live their lives, because we live ours.

    Being emotionally in balance does not mean that we never experience ups and downs. On the contrary, it is part of the life cycle. It is the resistance to these changes, which creates pain and suffering. When we experience things that we define as negative or painful, our challenge is to trust that there is a meaning and opportunity in it. It comes up to be healed and embraced. When we embrace our emotions, they are automatically transformed. Therefore, curiosity is a great key to stand in our power and genius.

    In order to create space for higher vibrations, for example joy, we may need to dive into the grief and cry it out. It creates an empty space which we can then fill with happiness, gratitude, peace and other higher vibrating emotions.

    When we embrace our genius, we take responsibility for our feelings, do not project them on others, and can distinguish between what is our and others' feelings.



    Shadows are the sides of us we don’t want to accept or see in ourselves. In psychotherapy they are called “repressed unconscious” – we have pressed or pushed them out of our awareness. However, we do see them in others. What you don’t like in other people, is often a reflection of your shadows.

    Richard Rudd, who wrote Gene Keys, explains that shadow emerges from an ancient wiring in the human brain. Such wiring is based on individual survival and is linked directly to fear. The unconscious presence of fear in our system continues to enhance our belief that we are separate from the world around us. This deep-seated belief propagates a ‘victim’ mentality, since the moment we believe we are separate, we feel vulnerable and at the mercy of outside forces. We blame forces and people that we believe are outside us, and we feel shame when we believe we alone are responsible for our lives. Simply by shifting our attitude, we release the creative currents hidden within the shadow and your life takes on a higher purpose. Your suffering becomes the source of your salvation, superpower and genius.

    Basically it comes down to: do you want to own your shadow, or be owned by it? You can own your shadow when you become aware of the repressed unconscious drives, feelings, needs, potentials and become free to choose. When the shadow owns you, you spend tons of energy trying to hide them, both from yourself or others and thereby you cannot choose how to feel. The point is: the more we reject and hide, the more people are drawn to it and will trigger you.


    Awareness about our shadows can be transformed by insight.

    It can be as simple as this:


    1. Ask yourself: How do I feel emotionally? (Observe).


    Feel the emotion fully. Simmer in it for a few minutes or until you feel inspired to move on. Do not move on because it feels uncomfortable—stretch yourself and really feel the emotion fully. Do not add: Because. Feel the emotion, without its story.


    1. Next step: “What is beneath that emotion?” (Contemplate)


    Keep peeling those emotions like an onion until you feel like “this is it, I want to stay here forever.” How do you know? Most people describe this space as a light nothingness feeling. A very spacious, loving, and bright space. There are no words to describe it; it all feels beyond words, so any words used will feel inadequate and small compared to the power and greatness of the feeling. But one thing is for sure—it does feel gooood. Then you are home, reconnected with the I AM Presence.


    1. Then let it go and see what happens. (Accept)


    Your perspective of what triggered that primary emotion will most likely change. When you look at your story from the I AM perspective, it loses its impact. You are no longer that story. You have accepted who you are, and the story is still there but not in control of you.


    The trick is to not make up a story why you feel like you do. Stick with the feeling. Expand the feeling. Really feel it in your body and your heart. It might be how you felt in a previous situation, or it might be how you feel right now. How do you feel about your job situation, your family life, your body, your relationships, your visions, and dreams? When you can start to truly feel the feelings, you can start to accept and embrace those stories and reconnect with who you really are.



    To contemplate:


    When you get really triggered by someone:

    • What is it that triggers you about that person/situation?
    • Why?
    • What is the story?
    • What are the feelings?
    • Then you bring it back to yourself. Asking the same questions.


    1. Would you consider yourself more an introvert or extrovert or an extrovert introvert? Why?
    2. How do you know you are being triggered and what the shadow is behind it?
    3. How do you know what you feel when you feel it?
    4. Which are the most common feelings you experience? Under which circumstances do they arrive?
    5. Which of them do you have most resistance towards?
    6. Which feelings are you longing to experience more?
    7. How do you use Emotional Intelligence in your business?
    8. How is that different from how you use it in your personal life?

    4. Heart Intelligence



    Our genius can be reactivated with high heart intelligence by being in contact with our soul, being grateful, kind and helpful. The heart's intelligence is about our individual unique souls - our own values, visions, purpose and meaning in life, our connections and relationships with others, our creativity and desire etc.

    The easiest way to distinguish between Divine intelligence and the Heart's intelligence is to look at the action. Divine intelligence has the main focus on the higher consciousness we all have, that we are all one, to accept what is and to live in the present. The heart's intelligence has its main focus on our inspired actions, to make a difference in the world, to serve others, to help, to have a win-win mentality and to feel compassion and empathy for others.

    The heart is the bond between our spirituality/divinity and our humanity.

    The heart's intelligence is what we use to develop our longing for and capacity for meaning, vision and value. It is the basis of what we believe in, the role our thoughts and values ​​play in our actions and the form we give our lives. In other words, it gives us meaning and consistency in life.

    High vibration heart intelligence can be seen in people who are very conscious, flexible, adaptable and have the strength to work against the current. These people can deal with crises and painful experiences and turn problems and disadvantages into opportunities and gifts of learning and development. They can see the connection between separate things and seek answers to life and meaning. They are inspired by visions and values, making them great leaders and inspirations for others. Lack of meaning - which people with low vibration heart intelligence tend to have - can create a sense of emptiness, which creates stress and can develop both physical and mental problems.

    The heart's intelligence is about who we are and why we are here. Living a heart-centered life requires courage, honesty, sincerity, and a willingness to be vulnerable to oneself and others.

    Lots of people reactivate their spirituality and heart power by meditating, practicing yoga, being in nature, or performing creative things such as painting, dancing, theater or singing, depending on interest. And the important thing is that we prioritize taking the time to do things we love, not how or what we do.

    When we embrace our Genius, we live a meaningful life and spread joy to our surroundings.



    To contemplate:

    1. How does the best relationship you have experienced look like?
    2. How does the worst relationship you have experienced look like?
    3. How much of the time do you follow your hearts desires? (scale 0-10)
    4. How often do you experience your emotional heart physically? (joy, love, pain)
    5. What kind of relational issues keeps coming back? In love-relationships? Friends? Business?
    6. How would you describe how you take actions, from where, when do you take them and when do you not take action?
    7. How would you describe a heart-centered life? Is that something you long for or do you live it already?
    8. How do you use Heart Intelligence in your business?
    9. How is that different from how you use it in your personal life?

    5. Divine Intelligence



    Our Genius can be reactivated when we have high vibrational spiritual/divine intelligence by meditating, being present, aligned and having contact with our higher power/spirit.

    What is spirituality then? Some say everything that is meaningful, the essence of goodness, truth and beauty. The spirit is love itself - the unconditional, without limitation and beyond description. The spirit is to take the essence of most religions and faiths - love, peace and light - and to throw out the rest. We can say that the spirit is equivalent to God, consciousness, unity, universe, holy spirit and so on.

    People with high vibrational divine intelligence have an inner peace, trust in a greater sense of everything, experience of oneness with everything and everyone and live by the universal laws. Conscious breathing is in practice a way to get in touch with the spirit.

    When we embrace our genius, we live a life where we rely on a higher power and meaning with everything.



    To contemplate:


    1. How do you experience your relationship and connection with your higher self/God/universal power/source?
    2. What kind of relationship with your divine are you dreaming about/longing for?
    3. How often do you feel you are fully present in an average day? (scale 0-10)
    4. How and when do you experience presence?
    5. When do you feel connected with a higher source? What circumstances brings you out of that connection?
    6. How do you use Divine Intelligence in your business?
    7. How is that different from how you use it in your personal life?

    6. Nature Intelligence


    Our Genius can be reactivated with a high vibrational nature intelligence. Nature's intelligence is about environmental aspects (i.e. sustainability, conscious development, organic and fair products), using nature to feel good and being grounded.

    What we can experience by reactivating our nature intelligence is a greater sense of connection with our surroundings - both near and far. We become synchronized with nature's pace and cycles when we are in connection and contact with it. Our bodies can heal when we walk barefoot in the grass or on the beach. When we respect animals and nature in the same way as humans, make life more meaningful. Nature intelligence can help us feel more balanced, whole and reduce feelings of separation, loneliness and alienation, creating a space for more joy, freedom and inner peace.

    As we embrace our genius, we think about the future of our children and the earth.

    To Contemplate:


    1. What is your relationship with nature?
    2. How important is it for you to spend time in nature? (scale 0-10)
    3. How do natural occurrences, weather phenomena and climate changes affect you?
    4. How do you use Nature Intelligence in your business?
    5. How is that different from how you use it in your personal life?


    7. Time Intelligence


    Our genius can be reactivated with a high vibrational time intelligence. Time intelligence is our relationship to time, ancestry, our history, the past and our future. New scientific research has shown that the trauma of our ancestors, at least seven generations back, lies in our DNA and affects us today. Fortunately, we have the power to change this and we can thus change not only our future but also that of our children.

    We usually live in a linear reality. Everything in our surroundings is divided into time pockets. We have a 24 hour time frame that we live by daily. It is interesting when we start playing with time intelligence as a multidimensional experience, because then we can even bend and expand time. Time is not static, it is flexible and subjective. For example, think about how slow time goes when we wait for something, and how fast it goes when we have fun. We have been playing with this phenomenon for many years and things that normally took maybe two hours were done at half time. Play with the thought!

    Our ‘sense’ of time is unlike our other senses - i.e. taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing. With time, we don’t so much sense it as perceive it.

    Our brains take information from our senses and organize it in a way that makes sense to us, before we ever perceive it. So what we think is our sense of time is actually just a whole bunch of information presented to us in a particular way, as determined by our brains:

    When our brains receive new information, it needs to be reorganized, put in boxes and presented to us in a form we understand. When familiar information is processed, this doesn’t take much time at all. New information, however, is a bit slower and makes time feel longer. That means it takes more energy to process new information. If new information is totally out of your brains existing “filing system boxes” - meaning, it feels revolutionary for you – your whole system will have to rewire itself to fit this new information. That also means you will need time to readjust and integrate this new information as a new “truth”. Hence, the perception of time changes.

    How can we alter our time perception?

    • Learn new things – read, try new activities, courses, skills – whatever you want to put your attention to that can bring you more joy in life. Do things you always wanted and dreamt of. Don’t hold yourself back anymore!
    • Visit new places – travel, explore, go out in nature, in your city, go to new places. It is so easy to go back to where we already been, because as discussed before – that takes less energy to process that information. So instead of going to the same restaurant, same path to work, travel to your favorite place – try something new.
    • Get to know new people – it takes a lot of energy to interact with other people. People are a bit more complex than “stuff” and therefore it takes more effort to ‘process’ and read others.
    • Surprise yourself – do something different and spontaneous. It is so easy to stay with our habits, so even the smallest adjustment from our regularity can “overwhelm” our brain and reactivate it. Spark your life up for you!

    Time intelligence is also about understanding our history. It is powerful to understand how we as humans are influenced by our culture, religion, history and our ancestors through the ages. And how subjective our story is. When we read in Danish schoolbooks about what happened in the wars between Sweden and Denmark, the story - which is called facts - is completely different from the one in the Swedish history books. Who is right and who is wrong? If the truth is to be revealed, everyone is right and wrong - for the truth is subjective. By being more Life Intelligent, we can take back our power and be the ones to create the futures history.


    When we embrace our genius, we are aware of the subjectivity of our time perception and history. Living the impossible is about taking back our power to create a new history and world where everyone wins.



    To contemplate:


    1. What is your relationship with time?
    2. People who have a lot of time are generally __________ . (fill in)
    3. When you get much more time, what will you do that you do not do already?
    4. When you get much more time, what do you think you will have to be careful of not turning into?
    5. What are the most common distractions you experience that ‘steal’ your time?
    6. What are some ‘facts’ you have had to unlearn over time? Such as information you learned as a child in school and now you ‘know better’?
    7. How do you use Time Intelligence in your business?
    8. How is that different from how you use it in your personal life?

    8. Space Intelligence


    Our Genius can be reactivated with a high vibrational space intelligence. Space Intelligence might sound a bit spaced out, but everything is created within a space. We have physical space around us, emotional space within us, space in mind, body, heart and soul. There is space out there in our galaxy, in the universe. Space is what we mainly are! It is humbling to know that all things you have – your friends, your office, your car, you yourself, and even everything in this incredible, vast Universe – are almost entirely, 99.9999999 percent empty space. So why do we not learn about the potentials that is embedded in space?


    Everything is created from and in a dark void, a fertile darkness, a gigantic field of potential energy that we perceive as black. That's how planets come into being, all matter, our kids - everything! From the vast infinity of the universe to the micro cosmos within us in our DNA.


    Space intelligence is also about seeing the greater planetary, cosmic and energetic effects on us. For example, many cannot sleep at full moon. Why are these influences ignored and/or judged by our society as a spiritual humbug? When the power of the moon affects ebb and flood - how can it be so impossible for it to affect our small bodies?

    But space intelligence is much more than just outer space and the energetic space. It is also understanding our surrounding space, the buildings, the air and light in the buildings, space between us, the electromagnetic field around us. It is also about astrology, how we are affected by the planetary systems, how different dimensions and realms affect our planet and humans, how universal laws affects us, how energy work. When we develop our space intelligence things start to make sense since you can see a greater picture and doesn’t have to take life so seriously and personal anymore. From that space we can play more, live more and thrive more…

    Spaciousness is like a vitamin we need for good health. We know spaciousness inside of ourselves when the struggling voices in our heads take a vacation and we are filled with ease and joy.  This spaciousness can arise, too, when we let go of the have-tos, deadlines, and expectations of our daily life.  A good question to ask is:

    How can we discover spaciousness right in the middle of our busy lives?”

    When we embrace our genius, we realize that potentials lie in space and are just waiting to be awakened.



    To contemplate:


    1. How often are you aware of the space around you and its energy? (scale 0-10)
    2. How would you describe your relationship with space (as Universe)?
    3. Maybe like us, you feel like an alien, and maybe know if you are a starseed, but where is your ‘home’?
    4. How do you experience your personal space, your aura, your magnetic field? (and of course that answer can be “I don’t” on these types of questions) ;)
    5. How do you use Space Intelligence in your business?
    6. How is that different from how you use it in your personal life?

    9. Artificial & Technical Intelligence


    Our Genius can be reactivated through awareness of how the innovative artificial and technical intelligence can support us. Artificial and technical intelligence gives us the technical tools, such as bicycles for training, computers to gain new knowledge, keep in touch with friends and so on. All technology is created with a purpose. For example, search engines were created to sort massive amounts of data online. It means that we can educate ourselves in everything, when we want and how we want. Technology can create freedom. That doesn’t mean it does at all times.

    Humans cannot compete with artificial intelligence and we have to find ways to work with it, to use our creativity and humanity to make us different from the machines, instead of trying to be like them. The more whole people we are, the more genius potential we can reactivate. It is when we realize that we are creative innovators, using AI and ATI as a tool for planetary development, that we take our power back.

    High vibrating Artificial & Technical Intelligence is therefore about how we can best use AI, machines and technology to create a better world, not how they are used for our personal gain. But also to create awareness of what technology exists and is used today that does not serve a higher purpose for the good of everyone. NASA has a technology used to clean and purify the air at international space stations, which are now patented to make light bulbs. The result is that we can now have light bulbs that clean the air in our homes. This is the power of high frequency ATI! We can turn around what we have done wrong to this planet.


    When we embrace our genius, we use our human creativity and big hearts for innovative artificial and technological inventions to recreate a better world.


    To contemplate:


    1. How do you experience a shift in what choices you make in buying new gadgets/technology/artificial things? Why is that?
    2. How would you choose differently with the purchases you make, if you had no limitations (financially, time wise etc.)?
    3. In a perfect world, with no limitations, what would be the innovative projects/products you would create or support?
    4. How do you use Artificial & Technical Intelligence in your business?
    5. How is that different from how you use it in your personal life?

    10. Financial Intelligence


    Our Genius can be reactivated through awareness of how the Financial Intelligence can support us with its abundant flow of reciprocity. We use our financial system to demonstrate the value of something. We create its value. The system we use today was in the beginning based on attributing a high value to gold. Gold in itself is of little use to humanity compared to other metals and natural resources, but somehow we have chosen to put a high value into it (we have our own theories of why that is, but that will be another book ;) ). Today, money is not backed by gold, but is produced by adding made up numbers in the banks computer systems.

    When we experience high vibrating Financial Intelligence we can use the system as an empowering tool for the higher good and create more freedom and harmony in the world. We understand the power of creating conscious profit and purchases instead of being victims under the system. The most common reason for people to pursue wealth is to gain freedom. Financial freedom is often seen as the key to happiness. Happiness is not a permanent state and it comes from within and has no relation to money itself. Financial freedom supports a comfortable lifestyle, and makes it easier to have more influence and impact in the world - negative or positive.

    Many see abundance as financial abundance. But, we all have abundance. We might not have abundance of what we want. We might have abundance of stress, bills, or disease. It is still abundance. Abundance is in other words not only about money. Abundance is just the energetic flip of the coin from lack. You might want lack of stress, bills and disease, and abundance of the polarity of the same. It is all in your perspective of the things you look at… To experience abundance we sometimes have to flip the coin.

    No matter if you have all the money and abundance you need/like in your life, it is still important to become conscious of your relationship with wealth and money. Do you make conscious choices and serve a bigger purpose with the money you make? How can you increase your profit to serve the future of the planet even more? You might have millions of dollars on your account, but is there still a feeling of not being satisfied and meaninglessness in your life?

    Although, money is one area where many still are struggling. Many still feel unworthy of and are challenged with receiving money; they also might believe that money is “bad” because the powerful and controlling elite from the old patriarchal system has misused money. Many lightworkers/healers/spiritual teachers are natural givers and supporters and might struggle with creating balance between giving and receiving in their lives. They are not aligned with the flow of reciprocity where money can flow freely in and out of their lives without attachment. Many still unconsciously push money away. Most people tend to divide spirituality and materialistic things. They feel they cannot have both, but have to choose one over the other. As though you have to choose between being spiritual or materialistic instead of having it all!


    Can you allow yourself to start to dream big?

    If you can dream it, you can reach it!


    Money will follow the path of least resistance. If you reject it, it will go somewhere it is wanted…simple as that. How about we start to upshift our perception enough to see money as a loving energy or a symbol for reciprocity in the world?


    It is how we use money that will show us how spiritual and abundant we really are.


    That is what we call Conscious Profit, where you also reinvest part of your profit into conscious projects and business’ to create the difference you want to se in the world. A Conscious Portfolio of goodness…


    When we embrace our Genius we use the financial system to create a flow of Conscious Profit to facilitate the upshifts we want to see in the world.

    To contemplate:


    1. If money weren’t an issue, how would I live? What would I do if everything were possible? How would I be of service?
    2. How worthy do you feel of receiving lots of money for your services?
    3. What is your limit? Feel into how much you charge today for your services or receive in a salary for the work you provide. Now, try to double the amount. How do you feel? Where in the body do you feel it? What does money tell you? What do you tell money? (What is your money story?) Keep on doubling the figure until you have reached your financial ceiling where you stop feeling worthy of the amount. That is the limit we are going to transform!
    4. How has your relationship with the energy of abundance been over the years?
    5. How do you live abundantly or in a way that feels expansive to you?
    6. What are you ready to create more of in order to experience more abundance, in any area of your life?
    7. Where in life are you rejecting yourself?
    8. What are you willing to put aside so that you can create more space for your desired reality?
    9. How do your decisions and actions define you? That either provides, or keep you from receiving and providing, you with money? In other words, how do you identify yourself? As abundant, giving, spiritual, not worthy, not good enough, money doesn’t matter, it is natural and just comes, comes from hard work etc.?
    10. What are your family’s stories about money? What are the programs you were brought up with? How did your mother treat money? Your father? Your culture?
    11. How do you feel inspired to take money to the next level energetically? (make more conscious choices when you spend money, think about consequences of my purchases, how to pay it forward etc.)
    12. How do you use Financial Intelligence in your business?
    13. How is that different from how you use it in your personal life?



    Work is the area in our life that takes up the most hours in a day for most beings. And for most, it is not the area where they feel most joy, inspiration, freedom and purpose. Therefore it is crucial if we want to live our dream life that how we make our living is where we thrive and we cannot keep ourselves from doing it. Where we wake up feeling excited about the day, even on a Monday. Where our personal life doesn’t feel separate from our professional life. If not, there are upshifts to do.

    After contemplating on your life and business from a Life Intelligent perspective in the previous chapters, let us dive a bit deeper into your work life. No matter if you have your own business or are employed, you can still benefit from more clarity of the imbalances in your professional life and the one you dream of.



    To contemplate:


    1. Are your business actions in alignment with who you are?
    2. What were the reasons for you to start the business you are currently in? What was your goal?
    3. What is your business goal, today? What will it take for you to reach it? How will it feel? What will you want to do when you have reached this goal? With the business? With your life?
    4. What are the things you love about your business?
    5. What are the main challenges?
    6. What are the worst things with your business?
    7. Where do you feel your business and who you are don’t fit?
    8. How often are you presented with ideas or possibilities that could be a great chance to manifest the impossible lifestyle you want? How often do you say yes to them? How often do you say no? What are your “reasons” for turning them down? What are your fears?
    9. What are your reasons for why you can’t have all your desires fulfilled?
    10. If anything was possible, what would you do for a living?
    11. If you didn’t have to make a living, what would you do with your days?
    12. What are some actions you can take right now that will move you toward your big dream manifestation in your business and work life?
    13. If we were meeting a year from today, what needs to have happened during that year for you to feel content about your progress?
    14. What would be the biggest challenges you’ll face and had to deal with in order to achieve that progress?
    15. What are the biggest opportunities you have that you want to focus on in order to achieve those things?
    16. What transformation do you believe you need to undergo in order to achieve those things?
    17. How do you use Life Intelligence in your business?
    18. How is that different from how you use it in your personal life?

    Going deeper yet…


    What is life about?

    This is a question we have asked ourselves for as long as we can remember. We know we are not alone in asking this question. While doing Google research a few years ago, we found that 151 million people around the globe do the same search every month!

    Looking at life from a life intelligent perspective it might have created more clarity for you of who you are, what you want and do not want. So the following questions are hopefully easier to answer now, than if you tried to answer them in the beginning of the journey working with this workbook. So let us dive into some deep and fundamental question most people have asked themselves at one level or another, around the meaning of your life…

    Ok, we admit, some of these questions have been asked before, and some in a slightly different version. But, we challenge you to go with your intuition and answer with the first things that comes to mind here, even if it is repeating itself, as you most likely have given more thought to the questions earlier on… Either it will confirm what you previously wrote, or new aspects will emerge. Either way, it will benefit your journey! ;) Ok, GO!



    To Contemplate:


    1. If every dream came true, if all your desires were fulfilled, what would your life look life?
    2. How can you commit to start living more life intelligent?
    3. What are the changes you are longing for in your life?
    4. Who are you?
    5. What do you want?
    6. What do you not want?
    7. Why are you here?
    8. What are you here to do – your mission?
    9. What do you stand for? What are your values?
    10. What is your truth?
    11. Do other people define you and how?
    12. How do you keep yourself when you are with another person or within a group? (Staying with yourself, feeling safe, relaxed, grounded etc.)
    13. What are you afraid will happen if you redefine yourself and step into your genius?
    14. What do you need to let go of on all levels? (mental, emotional, physical etc).
    15. What is your deepest purpose?
    16. What keeps you healthy and vital?
    17. What fulfills you?
    18. What are you here to learn?
    19. What were the dreams for your life you had as a child?
    20. What are the dreams you have had for your life, as an adult?
    21. What are your dreams now?
    22. How does your life look like today?
    23. Where do you feel free, empowered and great in your life today?
    24. What is it that keep you from living your dream? What are the hindrances (practical, emotional, etc.)
    25. Describe the vision and wishes you carry for the future of humanity as detailed as possible.
    26. What are you here, in this life, to contribute with, towards this vision?
    27. What are you passionate about?
    28. In which of life’s situations do you feel the most whole, content and joyful?
    29. How does your impossible life look like in 5 years from now?
    30. How does your impossible life look like in 10 years from now?
    31. What do you need to make it a reality?
    32. Where are your biggest challenges?

    Was there a difference in your answers on these last questions? Did you manage to surpass your mind and go deeper into your subconscious? We really hope this workbook has managed to create some clarity of not only what you want in life, but also where the disharmony and imbalances are. You are worthy and it is your birthright to live the impossible. You are a Life Artist – painting your life on a canvas. Do you see the beauty and passion in it?


    Next step


    Fill out your answers in the reply sheet you can download here, or write them into a document or notebook.


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    We look forward being at service on your journey!



    Love and Amazingness,

    Susana & Oliver